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Treasure Coast Growing Kit

Buy Treasure Coast Growing Canberra

Buy Treasure Coast Growing Canberra

Buy Treasure Coast Growing Canberra. As the name dictates, treasure Coast was first discovered on Florida’s east coast. It is named after the section where it was found. The part of the coast got its name from the numerous treasures that washed ashore. Many shipwrecks happened around the area. The shrooms were allegedly discovered breeding in bovine and equine dung. Like other origin stories, it is not full proof.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms Treasure Coast

While the journey’s destination is unknown, the magic mushrooms will guide you on a quest through the cosmos. It is a reward fitting the little patience you had when growing the shrooms. The effects will rush in quick but slow down as you and the universe come together in peace.

Users have reported feeling enlightened after taking the short trip through space. You will feel one with nature. It will enable you to heal your mind and your spirit. The recommended dosage is around 1 to 2.5 grams of the dried mushrooms. You could also use an online dosage calculator for the correct dosage.

Characteristics of Magic Shrooms Treasure Coast

Where Treasure Coast mushrooms lack in height, they compensate with huge flashes. They will grow in big and dense clusters and quick colonisation if grown with spores.

It is a fertile strain that will usually grow albino. It will display thick white stems with beige caps. The hats could grow with a white discolourisation.

Contents of Fresh Mushroom Mycelium Box Treasure Coast

When purchasing the mycelium box Treasure Coast, you will find the following;

  • A perlite layer to retain and drain water
  • A colonised substrate layer
  • A vermiculite layer as a casing

Growing Magic mushrooms Treasure Coast

Like most mushroom strains, Treasure Coast is easy to cultivate and maintain. While it is not the quickest growing magic shroom, it will reward you with huge returns in multiple flushes. Patience combined with some humidity using a misting bottle is all you need. The optimal conditions for growth include;

  • Substrates such as dung, straw and grains
  • Humidity. Use a mist bottle
  • A colonisation period of 14 to 18 days
  • A colonisation temperature of between 28 to 30 degrees celsius
  • A fruiting temperature ranging between 23 to 27 degrees celsius

Let us take you on a cosmic tour with the beautiful treasure coast mushrooms.

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