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Brain Mushroom Capsules

Buy Brain Mushroom Capsules Burnie

Buy Brain Mushroom Capsules Burnie

Buy Brain Mushroom Capsules Burnie Mushrooms for brain health are emerging as one of the most scientifically backed and powerful ways to boost brain health and mental wellbeing, and support mild cognitive impairment (1, 2, 3).

Studies show medicinal mushrooms may reduce neuro-inflammation and the development of beta amyloid plaque that drives Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as fatigue, depression, anxiety and mood changes (5).

Neuro-inflammation is when an inflammatory response occurs within and amongst neurons – our brain cells. Buy Brain Mushroom Capsules Burnie

Neuroinflammation activates the immune system. This low grade immune and inflammatory state degrades and disturbs neuron structure and function, alters nerve cells the brain cells’ ability to be their most efficient selves.

Eating mushrooms, specifically Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi and Chaga, are powerful adaptogens that offer immune-modulating support that enhance the immune response and brain health due to the high presence of bioactive polysaccharide compounds (5).

It’s also known that an imbalanced antioxidant system and an excess of oxidative stress plays a role in neuroinflammation (4). Buy Brain Mushroom Capsules Burnie

Medicinal mushrooms act as potent antioxidants that support the body’s own synthesis of endogenous antioxidants protecting neurons from damage and decreasing neural oxidative stress, supporting brain health.

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