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Euphorbia Cowboy (Euphorbia abyssinica) cutting

Euphorbia Cowboy Australia

Euphorbia Cowboy Australia

Euphorbia Cowboy Australia The plant genus Euphorbia, part of the Euphorbiaceae family, is extremely diverse: more than 2,000 species are known. The plants are best known by the name ‘Spurge’, a name derived from the white milky sap they contain. This sap is poisonous and has an irritating effect on the skin. Because the genus is so diverse, ranging from low-growing shrubs to metre-high cactus-like plants, there is no single region from which the plants originate. Euphorbias originally grow in areas from Africa to the Americas and Asia. However, they do often grow in hot, dry areas.

In this blog article, we mainly focus on the care of cactus-like Euphorbias, which are actually succulents. Because although these plants look very much like a cactus, they are not. In fact, they do not have spines, but thorns that protrude in pairs. Brazilian Magic Mushrooms




Euphorbia originates from dry and warm regions and is therefore often used to a lot of sun. The best location for the plant is a sunny one, e.g. near a south-facing window. However, a place with a bit more shade is no problem for Euphorbias either; they easily adapt to their surroundings. In general, though, the plant does better in a location with some natural sunlight. In that case, the succulent uses more water, reducing the risk of overwatering and root rot. Is the Euphorbia in a dark location? Then keep a close eye on the amount of moisture in the soil. The Euphorbia can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. It is important to let the plant get used to direct sunlight slowly. Euphorbia Cowboy Australia

euphorbia origin-location

How often the Euphorbia needs to be watered varies per species. In general, however, these plants can do without water for quite a long time. Euphorbias have few stomata on their surfaces. The stomata allow a plant to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and evaporate water. When there are few stomata, as is the case with Euphorbia, a plant hardly evaporates any water. Euphorbias can additionally absorb and retain several times their own weight in water. This ensures that the plant can often do without water for about two months in winter. Blue Dream Delta 9 Gummies

When watering, it is especially important to let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Too much water damages the Euphorbia faster than a shortage, because the plant is very susceptible to root rot. When in doubt, it is therefore better to skip watering. If the Euphorbia has been given too much water for a longer period, the plant will take on a yellowish glow. With too little water, the skin becomes wrinkly in texture. Strawberry Shortcake Delta 9 Gummies


Spraying and temperature

As the succulent is used to dry areas with warm temperatures, it is important for a healthy plant to mimic this natural environment as much as possible. The plant should therefore not be sprayed. In the winter months, even spraying can count as watering, as the plant can then absorb the moisture through its skin. The minimum temperature for Euphorbia is 10°C during the day and 5°C at night. Ibogaine HCL

euphorbia watering-spraying

Euphorbias do not necessarily need pruning, but in some species it is possible. Species with many shoots, such as Euphorbia tirucalli, can easily be pruned by cutting off the stems. Careful attention should be paid here to the milky sap that may be released. This white liquid from the Euphorbia is poisonous and can quickly irritate the skin and eyes. The sap is best dabbed with a piece of paper. The wound will then air dry by itself. The larger cactus-like Euphorbias can also be pruned by cutting off part of the head. Again, watch out for the sap that is released. Once the wound has dried, the plant can produce new branches from it. Delta-9 THC Gummies



The Euphorbia grows very slowly by nature and therefore consumes few nutrients. Never feed in autumn and winter and use special cactus and succulent food. Look for the right quantities on the packaging.

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