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Buy Valhalla Magic Truffles Victoria

Buy Valhalla Magic Truffles Victoria, Magic Truffles Valhalla are the most potent in this category, so definitely not suitable for beginners. According to Valhalla users, you can expect intense visuals, hallucinations, profound thoughts and feelings of oneness with the people around you.

Or: let the Valkyries guide you to the spectacular, heaven sized hall where Odin, the Norwegian King of the Gods rules: Valhalla!

Do be sure that you feel comfortable, that you have not used any other recreational substances like alcohol or cannabis and that you are in safe setting. The latter applies both to the people around you as to the surroundings themselves.

Dosage and user instruction for the Valhalla truffle

This is a very potent truffle. So always start off with a somewhat lower dose, below 5 grams. The effects will become noticeable within 30 to 60 minutes. If needed you can always subsequently raise the dosage. Do take care: according to users trips to Valhalla can last for a long time!

Truffles Valhalla can be finely chewed or be made into tea, however do so without letting the water get so hot it reaches boiling point. As this will break down the active ingredient psilocybin.

The best way to store the truffles is in the refrigerator, in the dark and at temperatures in between 2°C and 4°C (or 35.6°F and 39.2°F). Buy Valhalla Magic Truffles Victoria

Unopened they are good for around 30 days.

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