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The Blue Meanies magic mushrooms, known as the Panaelous Cyanescens, are well-known psychedelic mushrooms. This potent and highly sought-after strain is famous for its potent visual, vivid blue coloration, and auditory effects. Blue Meanie Mushroom Tasmania

With its distinctive appearance, transformative experiences, and powerful psychoactive effects, the Blue Meanies have captivated psychonauts worldwide. Below we’ll discuss the origins, mental and physical benefits, and potential side effects. Further in the article, we’ll delve into the three ways you can enjoy this mushroom and how you can access them from our dispensary. Golden shrooms raw chocolate bliss

Here’s a quick look at what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Clearing Up The Confusion
  • The Mysterious History of Blue Meanie Mushrooms
  • Blue Meanies: Mental + Physical Benefits
  • Blue Meanies: Potential Side Effects
  • Where to Find Blue Meanies
  • How to Enjoy Blue Meanies: 3 Ideas
  • Blue Meanie Mushrooms: What to Expect!
  • Why Get Blue Meanies from Our Mushroom Dispensary?
  • What Dispensary Customers Say About Blue Meanies
  • What Customers Say About Blue Meanies
  • Blue Meanies: Your New Favourite Shroom?
  • The Bottom Line: Buy Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom Online in Canada

Clearing Up The Confusion

Blue Meanies Mushroom is a subspecies of magic mushroom belonging to the Bolbitiaceae family and Panaeolus genus. The potent mushroom is also scientifically known as Panaelous Cynescens.

The Blue Meanies mushroom has a unique appearance and originates from Asia. If you’ve ever wondered how the dark-reddish brown mushroom became known as Blue Meanies, it’s because a confused vendor selling Psilocybe cubensis spores ‘Blue Meanies’ instead of the Panaeolus Cyanescens sample. Blue Dream Delta 9 Gummies

In addition, many believe the Blue Meanies mushroom was named after the main antagonist in “Yellow Submarine,” — a 1968 animated film about the Beatles. With the Beatles’ ties to psychedelic drugs, spirituality, and deep introspection, it only makes sense that the name would be adapted from a movie about the band.

Regardless of its origin, the overlapping of names between Panaelous Cyanescens and Psilocybe Cyanescens creates massive confusion around the type of mushrooms, their effects, and ways to use them. Moreover, you must know which Blue Meanie mushrooms you seek before buying because they require unique environments to thrive. Blue Meanie Mushroom Tasmania

Furthermore, it’s best to learn this distinct mushroom’s identifications, appearance, and characteristics to ensure everything is clear. That way, you can learn to differentiate between your required mushrooms.

What Does the Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom Look Like?

Well-known for its potent psychedelic effects, the Blue Meanie Mushroom belongs to a family of brown-capped, dark-colored mushrooms. “Panaeolus” indicates its texture, and the “Cyanescens” represents its vivid blue coloration.

The powerful Blue Meanie mushrooms have a light-brown cap that fades to a grayish-white as it grows and measures 1-5 centimeters in diameter. Depending on the surrounding behavior, the cap may crack to display a noticeable blue hue.

The stem of the magic mushroom is slim and slender, leading to a conical cap that flattens with growth. Its gills are broad and tight, attaching the mushroom cap to the steam to create a distinct cloudy appearance.

Blue Meanies also stand out thanks to their intense blue bruising reaction, an aftereffect of their high concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin. These psychoactive compounds are responsible for the potent, mind-altering effects, resulting in perception, mood, and auditory changes.

The Mysterious History of Blue Meanie Mushrooms

Historically, various religious and medicinal practices have used psychoactive mushrooms and herbs. The People of Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Meso and South America, India, Asia, Greece, and Rome used numerous plants to cure health issues.

What’s more, the use of psychedelic mushrooms to enjoy a sense of euphoria and mind-altering effects dates back 7,000 years ago to pre-Paleolithic times! Experts excavating the ancient Mayan template discovered the importance and use of Blue Meanies during shamanic ceremonies. During this time, Franciscan Friar Bernardino de Sahagún traveled to the New World in the 16th century and reported on how the Aztecs used these sacred psilocybe mushrooms.

While not ancient history, in the 1968 Beatles film “Yellow Submarine,” the main antagonist is considered to be the Blue Meanies, seeking rule over the world through fear and oppression of those who love music. While no one has admitted to an official connection between the magic mushroom and the characters in the film, psychedelic drugs were a consistent theme during the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

Blue Meanies: Mental + Physical Benefits

Studies show that psychedelic mushrooms offer numerous physical and mental benefits, particularly for obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety. An article published by the Imperial College of London reveals the impact of magic mushrooms on people with treatment-resistant depression.

According to the study, psilocybin has a unique effect on the brain; study participants demonstrated increased brain connectivity during treatment and up to three weeks post-treatment. Researchers went on to note that treatment with conventional antidepressants doesn’t result in the same brain connectivity, suggesting distinct functions due to the mushrooms in the brain.

Another in-depth research discovered significant changes in the levels of depression and anxiety experienced by patients with life-threatening cancer. The study revealed significant reductions in depressed mood and anxiety in 80% of participants within six months. Furthermore, participants enjoyed better well-being and life satisfaction

Last but definitely not least, a Harvard study found that the psilocybin present in Blue Meanies may increase the connections between nerve cells, reversing the nerve damage caused by psychological disorders. Besides, the mushroom causes numerous therapeutic effects, including enhanced connectedness, increased ability to adopt healthy habits, positive headspace, and empathy.

Blue Meanies: Potential Side Effects

Although magic mushrooms offer endless benefits, they do have potential side effects. These include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Mood Changes
  • Paranoia or Fear
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Feelings of Losing Sanity
  • Unpleasant Hallucinations
  • Surfacing Unwanted Memories

In addition, magic mushrooms can alter your perception of time, space, and feeling, resulting in enhanced colors, moving or “breathing” objects, and geometric patterns. People who take this mushroom may also experience unusual body sensations, lack of coordination, altered vision, distorted sounds, and feelings of anxiety, dread, or panic.

On the contrary, many people have positive emotional and mental effects, including peacefulness and spiritual awakening, improved empathy and contentment, and euphoria. Overall, people experience different symptoms based on their environment, dosage, mental state, and personality.

Where to Find Blue Meanies?

If you’re an avid mushroom forager, you’ll find Blue Meanies easy to locate! These dung-loving fungi are prevalent near pastures, well-decayed plant matter, and fields with similar growing environments.

Blue Meanies mushrooms love a semi-tropical environment, which means you can find them in Hawaii, Florida, and Louisiana in the U.S. You can also spot this distinct mushroom in Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, the Philippines, Australia, and (in rare cases) the Mediterranean near Menton, France.

There’s a tiny chance you’ll find this reddish brown-capped mushroom growing in more temperate climates. But they die out quicker than usual, lacking suitable environment and support. If you’re planning to hunt for these beneficial and unique mushrooms, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Identification Matters- Start by learning to identify the Blue Meanies, especially since the mushroom is often confused with other strains. Since potential mix-ups happen and have severe consequences, you must learn the identification characteristics, keep a guidebook, or seek professional help.

2. Sharing Nature’s Resource- Remember that we aren’t the only ones who enjoy mushrooms when foraging or wildcrafting. The fungi are a beneficial food source for animals and insects, and we must leave enough resources for them.

3. Practice Mindful Harvesting- Go beyond cutting mushrooms and respectfully practice harvesting. Ensure you gently cut the mushroom instead of pulling it from the ground and damaging the mycelium. The mushrooms we see and harvest are only one small part of the organism. Below the greyish stem is an intricate network of fragile filaments that boosts soil quality and breakdowns food. So gather with care!

How to Enjoy Blue Meanies: 3 Ideas

The method you choose to enjoy Blue Meanies mushrooms can significantly impact your experience and the strain’s intensity and duration. Let’s discuss the three most popular and fantastic ways to prepare and consume this mushroom:

1. Taking a Microdose: Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms are ideal for people seeking medicinal and therapeutic effects. The concentrations and intensity are comparatively lower, thus resulting in sub-perceptual, meaning you’re unlikely to notice the subtle changes in mood or emotions unless you’re well aware of how a microdose can affect you. Cuban Magic Mushroom

2. Brewing Mushroom Tea: Another excellent way to consume magic mushrooms is to make shroom tea. Cooking Blue Meanies removes some compounds that can cause an upset stomach and transform its flavor from bitter to drinkable.

3. Eating Dry Mushrooms: To enjoy an entire trip, you can eat your mushrooms dry or raw. In addition, to ease its bitterness, you can turn magic mushrooms into a powder.

Blue Meanie Mushrooms: What to Expect

The psychedelic effects caused by Blue Meanies mushroom lasts four to eight hours, with average peaking frequency. The strain results in an intensely euphoric high alongside enhanced auditory effects, visual hallucinations, and a buzzing feeling.

But to ensure a positive experience, users must approach magic mushrooms cautiously and create careful dosages. It’s best to start with a low dosage and gradually work up to a stronger one to determine what suits your needs.

Here’s a quick dosage guide to start:

  • Micro: 0.25 gram
  • Low: 0.25 – 1 gram
  • Medium: 1 – 2 gram
  • Potent: 2.5 – 5 grams
  • Heavy: 5 grams and upwards

Why Get Blue Meanies from Our Mushroom Dispensary?

Here’s the truth: magic mushrooms can transform your life! But to ensure a positive, life-changing experience, whether you’re an avid user or a newbie, you’ll need a trustworthy mushroom supplier. As a result, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing where and how your magic mushrooms are from and their growing environment.

We believe in providing our clients with top-notch, healthy, and delicious magic mushrooms that introduce curious minds to its endless benefits. Our dedicated workers help you embrace the fantastic powers of nature packed in these tiny mushrooms by growing them in the ideal environment.

The best part? offers customers dried mushrooms, capsules, teas, and grow kits to match their unique needs. With our high-quality products and committed team, you can quickly start your psychedelic adventures and enjoy an unparalleled customer experience! Blue Meanie Mushroom Tasmania

Why Buy Blue Meanies from Our Mushroom Dispensary?

Our quality is medicinal mushroom dispensary set up by three friends to rejuvenate your connection with nature. Plant medicine can have positive physical and mental health impacts as it has proven and historical benefit.

When you buy your Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms from us, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the best quality products, unmatched customer service, and fast and safe shipping.

What Do Our Blue Meanie Mushrooms Look Like?

Ensure satisfaction before purchasing by checking our Blue Meanie Mushrooms’ in-depth product description and images. Here’s what our top-quality magic mushrooms look like:

  • The Mushroom Cap: The Blue Meanie mushroom has a 4cm cap with a smooth surface. It acquires a grey color, indicating it’s ideal for consumption.
  • The Mushroom Gills: The tightly-packed gills of magic mushrooms are semi-attached to the steam. These turn grey as the strain matures.
  • The Mushroom Stem: These vary from 2 to 4mm in thickness and are 12cm tall. Moreover, it appears dark purple or black.

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Blue Meanie Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can have intense effects because of their raw potency. So, if you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that will blow your socks off, this is your stop! We provide mushrooms that offer potent and safe effects.

With our Blue Meanies Magic mushrooms, you can relax, improve your mood, feel content, and enjoy a euphoric experience while staying safe!

What Dispensary Customers Say About Blue Meanies

Not sure our mushrooms are the perfect option? Take a look at what our past customers have to say. One happy customer met with the Gods:

“OH, MY GOD. These little beauties took me to Valhalla. I have tried Blue Meanies before, but these were the strongest I’ve had by far. Took 5 grams at home on the couch. The come-up was bliss; the music sounded 3D, I closed my eyes, epic visuals, and I felt like I was floating. Guys, I don’t have the words to describe what happened next. I met the gods; it was beautiful. I have felt incredible these last 2 weeks. A real ease and peace from within. Thank you, 3 Amigos. Excellent product and service!”

Another experienced a much-needed mental reset:

“Great stuff and lots of fun. I have been using them to reset my mind and feel great after a few trips.”

“These took longer to take effect than what I am used to, but when they did, it was lovely. The product description of the effects on the website was very accurate for me.”

Another describes therapeutic upliftment . . .

“I’m so glad I tried these mushrooms:) They have helped with my depression and anxiety. I will take them at 0.5-1g at a time. Love them!”

. . . and yet another loved the visual effects!

“To be honest, the blue meanies are put away for another weekend soon, but my last experience with blue meanies was exceptionally high with lots of colors, so looking forward to another trip, I will rate them a five from past experiences!” African Transkei Mushrooms

Blue Meanies: Your New Favourite Shroom?

The psychedelic mushroom world is vast, packed with beneficial mushrooms varying in potency. But the magic mushroom, its powerful effects, and unmatched euphoric impacts make it ideal for newbies seeking a microdose or a trip to contentment and peace.

Regardless of your desired mushroom and technique, we recommend familiarising yourself with the identification characteristics of Blue Meanie mushrooms. That way, whether you’re shopping or foraging, you can ensure you pick the ideal shrooms!

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