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Malabar Magic Mushroom

Malabar Magic Mushrooms Hobart

Malabar Magic Mushrooms

Malabar Magic Mushrooms Hobart, The Malabar strain of magic mushrooms traces its origins to India, specifically the Malabar Coast region. According to rumors, locals discovered the strain growing in elephant dung along the southwestern shore of the country. The name “Malabar” comes from the region where it was found. In India, the Malabar strain was cultivated using various methods, including growing it in feces, grain, or agar. It exhibited a remarkable ability to grow abundantly with minimal intervention, producing high yields of these highly sought-after mushrooms. Interestingly, despite its prolific growth and popularity in India, the Malabar strain did not gain the same level of recognition and popularity in the Western world as other strains like the widely publicized Penis Envy. Instead, it quietly made its way across the borders and established a following among users. However, it is worth noting that in the past, the Malabar strain held a significant cultural and religious importance in India. It played a central role in traditional practices, and its name was known among many. The shroom was deeply intertwined with the cultural and spiritual fabric of the region. Malabar Magic Mushrooms Hobart

Malabar mushrooms are known for their moderate potency. They offer a gradual, heady psychedelic experience that is sought after by many psychonauts.


Malabar mushrooms are native to India, specifically the Malabar Coast region. They were reportedly discovered in elephant dung along the country’s southwestern shore Malabar Magic Mushrooms Hobart

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